Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ain't nobody got time for that!

As anyone who thinks they may have adult ADD can relate, I completely abandoned this blog (and the other two I have created) when life got busy with distractions. But do not fear, I am in a whole new conundrum with my skin. I went off of birth control about three months ago for a number of reasons (none of which are attempting to have another baby) and have noticed more changes with my complexion. We also moved six hours away to a coastal area at that same time, and I ran out of my trusty Smashbox Tinted Moisturizer (which was discontinued) coincidentally in the same time frame so lots of changes that could be contributing.

What more wonderful version of myself could I possibly have to offer the new people in my life than a post-hormonal, super-stressed, zit-covered, penny-pinching, fish-out-of-water shell of the woman I used to be!

As the result of all these changes, I have tried a few new things and a few old things I found in my stash of abandoned products. Let me say though that as soon as the budget permits, I will return to my Mario Badescu products because they are just the best. I ended up (after abandoning mommysbeautybreak but before becoming extremely poor) trying the Enzyme Cleansing Gel and the Hydro Moisturizer with Vitamin C and the Chamomile Night Cream; all of which were incredible.

Right now I am two full months into my post birth control time, and my skin seems to be still trying to find it's new normal. Some days I have clusters of pimples in various areas on my face, other days I have one lonesome GIGANTIC zit serving as a centerpiece on my face. I have resorted to finishing up the bottle of Clinique Cleanser that I had left over from almost two years ago, and it is ok. For those of you who love your Clinique products, I say to you "Go try Mario."
I've also been trying the Flower Tinted Moisturizer from Wal-Mart (no exclusive membership necessary, for rules and regulations please visit and it is again ok. There are so many different new factors in my life that I can't target the root of my skin woes. I prefer to think the largest contributors are stress and hormones. Both of which will level out soon.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Refining my Skincare Regimen

I would call my skin roller coaster skin. I grew up with mostly normal skin. I battled a pimple or two at a time in my teenage years but never considered my skin "acne-prone" or "sensitive." I started taking birth control pills when I was 21 and went off of them when I was 26 to see if it helped my mood fluctuations. Didn't really notice a difference with the moods but my skin has never been the same since! I started having serious clusters of pimples on my jawline, neck, chest and back (can you handle that ├╝ber sexay image!?) and it didn't seem like there was a cleanser on the planet that could handle my breakouts. I googled until my eyes were crossed trying to find a cause and effect for it and hormones seemed to be the most logical answer.

So when I asked my doc about it, she suggested I go back on birth control. So I did for a couple years, and had the super clear skin I had taken for granted in my youth again! Yay!! Until my husband and I decided to start trying to get preggers. It took over two years for us to conceive our daughter and in that time my face looked like a nightmare! I didn't have the typical oily skin that acne usually seems to accompany. My skin was dry, and the more that I applied cleansers, lotions and potions geared for acne, the more it seemed to irritate the problem.
After baby was born, my hormones were of course out of control, and my skin seemed like it didn't quite know what it was going to do. I nursed for 14 months and had an IUD put in at that time as well which made my skin lack luster and dull with regular breakouts. I had it taken out and went immediately on the pill again. Aren't you loving the lowdown you're getting on my history of contraception?? Anyway, I have found that these days, the weather and seasons are affecting my skin more than just about anything else. I am pretty dry in the cooler months and pretty "normal" in the spring and summer.
The worst habit I have formed since child bearing is falling asleep with my makeup on. Eeeeek! Are you cringing? I was so sleep deprived and exhausted for the first eighteen months of Marli's life that I can say that I probably washed my face two nights a week AT BEST. Pitiful and disgusting I know. When I did decide to hop back on the skincare wagon I researched the "oil-cleansing method" and really loved it for a while but it was not an easy quick regimen to do when I was already exhausted and wanted to hit the hay. Here is my fave link on the OCM if you are considering exploring the option:

I have been trying a few different cleansers that I liked over the winter months (Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash, Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser and Raw Essentials Refreshing Face Wash with Aloe have been in my rotation- I have major product commitment issues) but since the weather is warming up it's time to update the regimen.
I headed into Ulta today and went straight to the Mario Badescu isle and studied carefully to make my selection. I picked up the Seaweed Cleansing Soap which is described as creamy, gently exfoliating and soothing with anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties. I also picked up the Honey Moisturizer which had me sold with "age-defying effects" in the description. That's what sleeping in your makeup for a year and a half will do to your skin, don't say I didn't warn you!! I also scored two freebies with my purchase: Special Cucumber Lotion and Glycolic Skin Renewal Complex.
This is my first time trying anything by Mario Badescu so I will be sure to post a review after using for a few weeks!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nails in a flash

In my pre-child raising days, I would enjoy a relaxing pedicure on at least a monthly basis, and even treat myself to a beautiful shellac manicure once in a while...when I hadn't bitten my nails down to nubs. These days, I am lucky to get the chance to paint my own nails every couple weeks if my daughter naps long enough. Today I took the chipped polish off my nails....err nubs that I gnawed off two weeks ago...and unpolished my toes. I chose a color that I picked up as a freebie at the supply store. OPI Mod-ern Girl. It's a pretty coral shade perfect for the warm weather and sunshine. I would make this post longer but little one just woke up and I also got a last minute phone call asking to help get my neice home from school so THANKS FOR READING!!!